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    Custom Backpacks

    discount 30%

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    Free Custom Logo

    Let logo on backpack

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    Free Custom Pattern

    Custom your like

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    Choose you like style

    Love me,love my dog

  • Human Aesthetics

    Human Aesthetics

    Gold ratio

    Concentric outdoors always concerned about more than 1,000 fashion brand trends dynamic, combined with business, team culture and 1 to 1 custom services for you,we perfect interpretation of personalized custom.

  • Human Aesthetics

    Human Aesthetics

    Shoulder line reinforcement

    You no longer worry about the backpack negative. We according to the customer's body needs for tailored for customers the most suitable for their own backpack!

  • Human Aesthetics

    Human Aesthetics

    Double zipper design

    Challenge on the way, you need a backpack. Concentric outdoors with you.

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Concentric outdoor factory characteristics

  • Own factory, from raw materials to finished goods backpack one-stop service, custom backpack ex-factory price!
  • Custom logo, to provide you with high-quality enterprise Logo, highlighting the new image of the enterprise!
  • Digital printing, unlimited color, the effect of realistic, as printed as clear!
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The Backpack printed with your company's LOGO

It carries the culture of your company, it is not a simple backpack in our eyes.


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    Concentrate outdoors with you

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